I'm foremost a creator with a focus on getting it right.

These past few years have been occupied with learning wireless network security auditing and working as a wireless network vulnerability assessment technician. I'm presently participating in the development of related applications under Linux, and writing a book about advanced computer operations with WiFi and software defined radio (SDR). I'm Also working on the concept and development of computer accessories, the 'Computer Manager (CM)', the Mini RGB USB spotlight, a laptop fan filter, and a double biquad 2.4GHz antenna...

Like most innovations, these ideas came to me out of necessity not luxury. These are not a life saving inventions, they are however useful in creating a logical workspace.

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 the Electra Spitfire, is an electrical vehicle with eight hours autonomy.

Industrial and commercial stainless steel modules, brackets and structures. Copper accessories for the kitchen.

Residential construction projects. Cat house, shop and below, landscaping.